• Image of Big D and the kids table - how it goes
  • Image of Big D and the kids table - how it goes

Big D and the Kids Table are from Boston, they play punk rock and ska, they are one of the hardest working dyi bands on the planet, here's a few paragraphs the band has written to describe this release -

The title reflects our lives. Since Good Luck was released we have been touring non-stop, and every cent we make is put towards gas, rent and what little food we can afford. For a while, I ate by taking people’s leftovers at the restaurants where I worked. Our furniture was taken from people’s trash, we found TV’s on the streets, and I was stealing paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, soap, pillows - just about every necessity that clubs, colleges and hotels had to offer. Then before we knew it, we didn't even have a home. Two years homeless. We found kids all around us selling out and getting rich from their bands, while we slept on friends’ couches or in our van. The whole situation was completely unbelievable to us. In a time when Punk music is selling out faster then Pop music, or I guess, is Pop music (which goes against everything Punk stands for), it's hard to be in a band and understand how the public likes what it likes, or understand all the fucking politics these "indie" labels impose. "That's just how it goes", "That's just how life is", was the only way we could justify it. There is a formula to music now, and I when I was younger I never would have thought that so may musicians would give up experimenting in song writing just to pump out these Pepsi/Coke songs that have been written 100 times over. So, like you, we had a choice - we could sellout like everyone else and maybe make a buck, or record an album that we liked and continue to be poor. Well, we're still poor...

Track list -

The sounds of Allston Village
New nail bed
If we want to
Girls against drunk bitches
You lost, you're crazy
Safe haven
You're me now
Voice alone
My girlfriends on drugs
Little Bitch
(We all have to) burn something
How it goes
Moment without an end